Missing Maps

In honor of May being Missing Maps month, we hosted a Humanitarian Open Street Map Mapathon!

We were led by the great folks at the local Missing Maps chapter. They provided a tutorial on getting started and then we mapped the night away. We all worked on the HOT OSM task 1789, in Western Swaziland. Check out pictures of our event here!


Best Practices:

  1. Just map buildings (at least that was what our HOT area instructed)
  2. If you don’t know if its a building, map it anyway because its easier for QC people to remove erroneous data than to add missing data
  3. Use the quick square and quick circle options to make the shapes better
  4. Save work frequently
  5. Be sure to tag data (if its a building, tag it as a building)

More resources:

Check out the Missing Maps website for lots more info!

Big thanks to:

Chase Stevens and Beth Carpenter for getting us mapping and giving out lots of Red Cross goodies!

Missing Maps for providing pizza!

King County for the use of their space!