Intro to GIS

Welcome to Maptime Seattle!

Maptime is a community dedicated to teaching and learning all things geospatial. Maptime offers local mappers the opportunity to learn cutting-edge geospatial technologies.

Maptime’s mission is :

"to open the doors of cartographic possibility to anyone
interested by creating a time and space for collaborative
learning, exploration, and map creation using mapping tools
and technologies."


This week we will dive into the basics of GIS. Checkout the slide deck here.


You can find the data needed for this workshop here.

Together we will:

Want more?

There are some great QGIS tutorials here. Take your pick!

Thanks! Until next time!

Hope that was helpful! Please fill out our survey when you are done even if you couldn’t attend the meeting. We want to make sure the MaptimeSEA tutorials are teaching what you want to learn.