Introduction to Tableau

Before we begin…

About Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization program.

Example: Redfin

Example: Brexit

Example: Tableau Public

Interacting with Tableau

  1. Download workbook from Tableau Public
  2. Open Workbook in Tableau Public
  3. Pause for defintions:
    • Marks Card: Chart type
    • Show Me
    • Shelfs: Rows, Columns, Color, Size

Challenge 1

The Price by ZipCode sheet is not very good currently. Can you make it better?

More Interacting


Challenge 2

Add filters and dashboard actions to the Price Distibution dash to find the price distribution of 1-3 bedroom, 1-2 bathroom in south side of Seattle


Challenge 3

Calculated Fields

Challenge 4

Part 2: Mapping Specifically

Geographic Field Types

Challenge 5

Aggregate Geometries???

OPTION 1: Data Prep

Bring in the data

OPTION 2: Background Map Formatting

Built In Options



Create the sheet

  1. Download IFTTT to your phone
  2. Sign up with a google account (allowing us to connect to google drive)
  3. Search ‘track your current location in a spreadsheet’
  4. Select ‘Turn on’
  5. Follow the directions here to add the IFTTT widget to your Today View
  6. Push the button!
  7. Verify in Google Sheets that a sheet titled ‘location’ has been created.


Tableau is fun and easy, and as long as you are OK not connecting to databases and saving everything to the cloud it is free.