Maptime Seattle

Seattle skyline

MaptimeSEA is the Seattle branch of the international Maptime community. Together, we learn and explore mapping technologies through tutorials and other meetups. We organize and teach under these major principles:

  1. No Map Left Behind. You will never leave a meeting without completing the tutorial at hand. We try our best to make no assumptions of prior knowledge when introducing new technologies.
  2. Free. All of our meetings are free.
  3. Powered by interest. We teach what people want to learn. Our curriculum is ever-evolving and intended to focus on what’s newest and most prevalent to right now.

MaptimeSEA has a Code of Conduct for all our activities. Please read it.

Stay Connected

Meetup. All of our meetings and events will be posted on our meetup site. Here you can RSVP for upcoming meetings and ask questions of your fellow mappers.

Twitter. We also have a twitter account @MaptimeSEA where you can follow our every move. Say hello to us!

Email. Questions? Send us an email at to get in touch.

Survey. Our tutorials are structured around what you want to learn. Fill out our survey out even if you haven’t attended a meeting to express what you’re interested in learning!

Our Tutorials

We are trying our best to post tutorials so anybody can learn from them. We’ll be using resources from MaptimeHQ as well as writing our own.

Interested in leading a tutorial? Great! Take a look at our instructor guidelines and send us a message.